Prom 2016

When I told this group of kids that I never went to prom, their faces fell. “That’s really sad.” was the response. Well, I never thought I missed out on anything, but watching the fun these kids had I might change my tune. They were so awesome and braved the rain to get these stunning pictures outside when the library was packed inside.



So this is what happens when a photographer gets bored.  I like these Funko Pop toys, but the more obscure the better. Andrew, from “The Breakfast Club” is one of my favorite acquisitions.


Addie – Baptism Portraits

Miss Addie gets baptized on Saturday. I’ve been photographing this doll for many years and I can’t believe my luck!


Cute Young Couple – Book Cover Photography

Another awesome spec shoot for a book cover.  The publisher wanted a blonde girl with a pixie cut and a guy with brown hair. Thankfully, my dear friend Kris of Kris Doman Photography has a sister with a husband who fit the bill perfectly. I love doing these spec shoots! Who wouldn’t with such a cute couple!


Aubrey – Senior Portraits

I might be a little bias, because Aubrey is my niece, but isn’t she simply beautiful?  I can’t believe the young woman she is becoming. I was thrilled to do these senior portraits for her.






Still Under Construction

Life and work have had me running circles and my poor websites are suffering. 

Check for the latest updates on my Facebook Page.




Lets Get This Party Started – Utah Sports Photographer

Welcome to my first ever blog post for Studio 15 Portraits!  I am so excited!  Be patient as I am still building this end of my business and content is coming.

I decided I had to do this because I love sports and I love looking at sports photography.   I also love working with kids.  So why not combine the two?

Some of these kids are at games or practice just about every day in addition to their home and school responsibilities, these kids really dedicate themselves.  They deserve portraits that show off that dedication and determination and their love for the sport or activity they devote themselves to.

Now is a great time to get your child or team photographed.  As I build my brand I am going to have some amazing specials that won’t be available later!